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Logo Architecture

Our logo is characterised by simplicity and conciseness, representing our brand in general. The logo is a combination of the wordmark and a stripe in corporate colors. The nice thing about our logo is that it’s easy to apply across mediums, and it boosts brand recognition by being clean and uncomplicated.

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Logo measurements

The standard logo size for a website layout typically ranges from 100 to 600 px wide. Do not use our logo in a size smaller than 100×24 px in the digital version, so that our logo does not lose its uniqueness, readability and recognizability.

It’s important to note that social media logos vary in size, ranging from 110px to 600px in width. Therefore, it’s important to check what the best size is for the intended social media platform.

For printing purposes, a vector file is commonly used as it can be enlarged to any size, from small keychains to large billboards.

Logo clear space and margins

To ensure proper usage of the logo in a design or alongside other visuals, it’s important to give it enough space to stand out. This is where clearspace and margins become important.

Clear space refers to the distance between the logo and any other graphic element it’s placed next to. The distance from the logo to other graphic elements should be equal to half the height of the logo.

For example, if the height of the logo is 100px, then the space should be not less than 50px.

Colored Logo

Simple logo reflects the idea of our focus on main things with nothing distracting.
Also it sets the basis of overall brand design — minimalistic style, typography and brand color.

Standard Logo

On white and light grey backgrounds, use our standard logo.

Download Logo
Logo for Yellow Background

On yellow backgrounds, use our brand dark global logo.

Download Logo
Alternative Logo

On brand dark backgrounds, use our global alternative logo.

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White Logo

On alternative colored backgrounds, use our white logo.

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Black & White Logo

A Black & White version of logo is used in some print cases when the usage of colored print is impossible. Also it can be used in case of placing above photos and etc. One should consider, that the most prioritized usage of logo is colored one on white or light-grey surface.

Black & White Logo

On black and white prints with white background, use our Black & White logo.

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Black & White Inverted Logo

On black and white prints with black background, use our Black & White inverted logo.

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Don’t change logo stripe color

Don’t overuse our yellow stripe

Don’t change logo color in any way

Don’t use rectangle with dark background

Don’t use colored background with our standard logo

Don’t change the logo proportions in any ways

Don’t change the transparency of the logo

Don’t use drop shadows or any other effects

Don’t use strokes or outline logotype


Primary Color Palette

We have got a truly minimalistic palette, which reflects the uniqueness and recognition of our brand.

IDT global Yellow is a primary color that should be applied across all communication to uphold brand consistency or be used as an accent color. For digital platforms, use Dark Blue to accommodate readability and legibility needs. Also on some design pieces it is appropriate to combine our colors with partner brands pallets.



RGB 252, 202, 0

CMYK 1, 13, 87, 0

Dark Blue

HEX 1D2039

RGB 29, 32, 57

CMYK 90, 86, 47, 58

Secondary Color Palette

Our secondary color palette is an extension of our primary colors and is used as backgrounds and texture for silhouetted product photography. Where primary colors applied to type fail in legibility and compliance, use Black.

Do not use secondary colors for text. Use only Dark Blue or Black text. Secondary colors can be used with our core colors, but this should be limited.



RGB 246, 246, 247

CMYK 0, 0, 0, 3


HEX 2E39D3

RGB 46, 57, 211

CMYK 78, 73, 0, 17


HEX 000000

RGB 0,0,0

CMYK 0,0,0, 100

System Color Palette

In addition to the main and secondary colors, system colors are used in the digital version.



RGB 255, 143, 62

CMYK 0, 44, 76, 1


HEX F04545

RGB 240, 69, 69

CMYK 0, 71, 71, 6


HEX 33D37D

RGB 51, 211, 125

CMYK 76, 0, 41, 17



RGB 0, 173, 230

CMYK 100, 25, 0, 10

Using our typeface

If you want to use IDT Sans in your integration please seek approval via

Download Font Family

Using fallback fonts

In cases when you can’t use IDT Sans (or it doesn’t contain the characters needed), you have to choose one of our fallback fonts. If you can’t use any custom fonts in your work, try commonly available defaults in this order:

  • Open Sans
  • Heebo
  • SF Pro
  • Arial

Additional Elements


Simply Better is our brand’s main motto, mostly used with putting one of the main services provided by IDT global next. Also can be used in other cases like corporate ones (Simply Better Employees e.g.)

Simply Better


IDT global icons are simple, outline and bold and are used across different brand touch-points from marketing to environment to product. It is both appropriate to use only Dark Blue color or a pair of colors (Dark Blue + Secondary Blue). Also we can use only one auxiliary color for icons that are interactive (part of CTA on website etc.)

IDT global stripe

IDT global stripe is a part of our brand awareness, so we often use it in web and marketing design to emphasise the correlation with IDT global, as well as minimalism and simplicity.

It should be not overused on design (screen, leaflet, page), creating a single rhythm with our logo, but should be a little distant from it, to not argue with each other.


Don’t change our rectangle color

Don’t overuse our yellow rectangle

Don’t change the motto colors in any way

Don’t use colored fonts except for special moto part

Don’t use regular fonts for headings

Don’t lose contrast between headings and paragraph

Proprietary Rights: The IDT global name, logo, and all related product, service names, fonts design marks, and slogans are trademarks, service marks, or registered trademarks of IDT global and may not be used in any manner without the prior written consent of IDT global.

Download IDT global Assets

You can find and download all our brand assets for partner material usage on the Media Kit page.

It should be not overused on design (screen, leaflet, page), creating a single rhythm with our logo, but should be a little distant from it, to not argue with each other.

Visit our media kit page
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