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Generate value with our flexible outsourcing models

We know that your focus is on the rapidly evolving needs of your customers.

That's why IDT global provides you with a flexible portfolio of outsourcing solutions to meet the needs of your international business. Let us help you enhance your profitability and value.

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Your outsourcing partner
We know the wholesale and retail business inside and out

Finding the right outsourcing partner is complex work. IDT global offers you the expertise, services and flexibility that your international customers need.

Global reach

With over 300+ direct routes, we can offer you one of the industry’s most extensive high-quality reach to all continents


We leverage the relationships we have built over the last 30 years to get you deals that are right for you

Cost efficiency

We have unparalleled cost efficiency expertise, ensuring you get the most value out of your IDT partnership


Our flexible outsourcing plans are built to suite your specific needs and market reality

Retail expertise

IDT generates billions of retail minutes per year. We are more than a wholesale carrier

Fraud Prevention

We have a host of state-of-the-art anti-fraud tools. Your business is safe with us

Focus on your core business while we do the rest

Our powerful and flexible outsourcing solutions are built to meet your specific needs. Regardless of your company size, location or type of telecommunication service provider, we can build the outsourcing solution that will generate the most value for you.

Soft outsourcing

Outsource only some of your business. With this option we will:

  • Manage a subset of your destinations
  • Route this traffic via its own carriers as cost effectively as possible
  • Provide operational support: Routing, rating, Trouble shooting and Fraud management
  • Improve your overall buying
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Inbound aggregation

Outsourcing only your inbound business. With this option we will:

  • Manage all your inbound international selling activities
  • Become your exclusive inbound hub of choice
  • Implement activities to minimize grey routes and bypass
  • Optimize your pricing polices stimulate the traffic
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Full outsourcing

Outsource your entire wholesale business. With this option we will:

  • Manage all your buy and sell activities
  • Handle all technical and support requirements
  • Fully manage partners' routing and rating
  • Ensure seamless billing
  • Become your only international connection, greatly reducing costs and overhead
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