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SMS has been the biggest surprise in telecom of the last 30 years – nobody saw its overwhelming success coming. First, P2P SMS got adopted by the youth and established a completely new communication channel across all generations. Now, A2P SMS has become the default channel for enterprises to engage with its customers in a personalized, timely and highly efficient way.

Today, IDT, a leading global voice connectivity provider, now also offers Global A2P SMS service.

Join IDT and leverage SMS, “the language of 6 billion people”.

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Monetize & Protect

With IDT global's Firewall you get it all

  • Detection of illegitimate network access.
  • Blocking of grey (bypass) routes.
  • Sim Box SMS detection, originating from on-net and off-net.
  • Signaling control of national and international traffic.
  • Message origination identification based on Sender ID and content analysis.
  • SMS Home Routing.
fraud prevention
Network Protection
  • Anti-SMS spoofing,
    Anti-faking of Sender IDs and network origination addresses.
  • Blacklisting and Whitelisting of GTs, MSISDNs, Sender ID, IMSI, Content, etc.
  • Cross-layer consistency checks, e.g., MAP y SCCP.
  • HLR queries (SRIMS) - and SMS (FWMSG) correlation control.
  • Prevention of flooding attacks.
user protection
Subscriber Protection
  • Protection from phishing or “Smishing”, e.g., attempts to steal personal data for fraudulent purposes.
  • Protection from unsolicited messages, SPAM, e.g., of commercial or political nature.
  • Compliance with regulatory, legislative or operator directives.

IDT SMS Firewall - The Best Protection

Our SMS Firewall provides a complete A2P security & monetization solution, classifying messages into A2P or P2P blocking grey routes as they appear, forcing A2P termination over official routes effectively eliminating revenue leakage and at the same time protecting your subscribers against unwanted messages and fraud.

Take control over A2P traffic on your network by blocking SMS messages by bulk SMS providers and foreign operators until favorable commercial agreements are in place.

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IDT SMS Firewall - Our C.O.R.E. Principles


IDT global provides SMS Home Routing according to the 3GPP TR 23.840 standard. It supports TCAP Handshaking on MT submission and is 3GPP TS 33.200 compliant.

3GPP is a standards organization originally assembled with a goal of developing specifications for third generation (3G) mobile networks. Closely linked with GSMA they provide several industry standards and studies.


IDT global provides SMS Home Routing according to the 3GPP TR 23.840 standard. It supports TCAP Handshaking on MT submission and is 3GPP TS 33.200 compliant.

We help you every step of the way on your journey. We want to be your partner not just your vendor.


Equipped with powerful, agile reporting & alerting features, you will have the most accurate information about your network traffic and security at your fingertips.

Real-time alerts, custom reports all in an easy-to-use GUI with very minimal training needed.


IDT global's goal is to equip you with the expertise and knowledge to maximize and maintain your firewall for best results.

Many will sell you the hardware but not a lot will give you the service and training that IDT global provides.

Full Management Tools

Blocking of illegitimate routes
  • Definition of applicable policies
  • Configuration of blocking rules
  • Activation of black- or whitelists
Grey route analysis
  • Traffic type classification (e.g. P2P, OTP, marketing)
  • Intensive monitoring during peak-traffic events (e.g. Mother's Day, New Year, World Cup, etc.)
Security analysis
  • Real-time monitoring and threat detection
  • Identification of subscriber-related fraud (e.g. Phishing) or SPAM traffic
Customer interaction
  • Elaboration of reports and coordination with different departments

Flexible options that meet your evolving requirements

Choose one or Mix and Match. We will make sure you get the set up that fits your needs.

Zero Capex

  • No upfront $ down - rev share
  • No learning curve
  • Fastest time to market
  • Firewall fully managed by IDT at no additional cost
  • Expert support to help grow traffic and maximize profits
  • Full oversight & visibility
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Low Capex

  • IDT Assisted Financing
  • Low monthly fee and revenue share to offset upfront costs
  • Firewall management service options
  • SMS Firewall Training and Support
  • Strategic long-term collaboration
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  • Outright Purchase & Full Integration
  • Top of the line Firewall hardware
  • IDT Assisted set up and training
  • Access to IDT expertise and guidance at every step
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