December 15, 2021

IDT Corporation deploys Squire Technologies Signalling Platform


IDT, a NYSE listed company operating in 147 countries and a leading global provider of telecommunications traffic has deployed Squire Technologies multi-generation signalling platform Sigla across their three hubs in three continents.

IDT’s commitment to network transformation enables them to provide pioneering technologies and services that provide consumers and businesses with innovative communications and payments services.

Squire Technologies, a UK based signalling interworking specialist to the telecoms industry provides innovative core network solutions that meet the demand to manage signalling across all network generations and industry segments.

As mobile telecoms 5G evolution gathers pace Squire Technologies cloud-based routing and messaging platforms deliver converged signalling management systems that enable operators and CSP’s like IDT Global to effectively serve customers across multi-generation, 2G/3G, 4G LTE and 5G networks.    

With over two decades experience deploying core network solutions Squire Technologies Sigla platform is an amalgamation of proven signalling technology. The platform brings together routing and interworking, mediation, security and monitoring technologies into one centralised platform. This unified approach and smart intelligence provides network operators with the mechanism to provision and deploy new revenue generating services across all network generations with Sigla doing the heavy lifting in terms of protocol conversion and interworking.

Sanjeev Verma, CEO, Squire Technologies
“IDT is passionate about connecting the world. They are a leading global provider of telecommunications traffic. Just to give you an idea, they carried over 24 billion international minutes last year. It’s been a pleasure to support IDT Global on this project, with us deploying our Signalling Solutions into their UK, US and Hong Kong networks to support their ambitious communications services.”

To find out more about Squire Technologies multi-generation Sigla Platform visit: 

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