January 13, 2023

IDT Global Selects XConnect to Help Tackle Robocalls

XConnect, a Somos Company, and long time partner of IDT global, have expanded their relationship to now include XConnect’s RealNumber DNO database which has over 6 billion local and toll-free numbers in North America tracked and analyzed.

With strengthened global number intelligence, IDT global can enhance its US customers’ voice experience with better protection from fraudulent and annoying spam calls.

“Fraud and spam are constantly changing in our business. The perpetrators are always trying to stay one step ahead and we need to keep evolving to beat them. Spoofing and illegal robocalling are increasingly commonplace and more advanced as robocallers mimic numbers from legitimate organizations. The goal is to protect our partners and end users by leveraging XConnect’s DNO data. Their data helps us to reduce the risk of illegal robocalling and to create a better overall experience.”

Peter Broes, Director of Product Management at IDT global

RealNumber DNO provided by Xconnect helps identify phone numbers which should never be used for call origination.

With this access, IDT global can now more easily identify certain invalid calls and increase the overall quality of its traffic. Updated daily, the data covers the majority of toll/local and toll-free numbers in North America giving IDT global a comprehensive and trusted added layer of defense in its role as a gateway operator.

“Robocalling impacts the entire telecoms value chain from carriers to consumers. Service providers are having to re-evaluate how they verify the identity of calls that they route and take additional steps to keep on top of compliance requirements and deliver a first-class experience to customers, By accessing our accurate and up-to-date DNO list, IDT Global can identify and block calls that originate from invalid, unallocated and unused numbers. Our work with IDT Global will enable them to reduce robocalling, increase call answer rates and route traffic with confidence.”

Tim Ward, VP Number Information Services at XConnect

This latest partnership expands XConnect and IDT global’s relationship beyond just the SMS messaging business where they have used Mobile Number Portability (MNP) data to route, optimize traffic and verify. IDT global is a leading Wholesale Voice & SMS Messaging Carrier based in the UK with offices in the US and Hong Kong as well.

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